Join KinoTour 2020

From August 29th to September 20th, get ready to embrace your competitive spirit by riding in the footsteps of the pros and explore the most beautiful mountain stages of KinoTour 2020. Join in the action and try to win several prizes!

KinoTour 2020

19 km I 90

12 km I 320

13 km I 710

26 km I 500

18 km I 1220

16 km I 320

14 km I 100

13 km I 300

18 km I 685

15 km I 950

11 km I 600

21 km I 350

Planche des Belles Filles

6 km I 485

Open this page from your mobile phone and simply click on the image of the smartphone of your choice. The video will open automatically in the application. 

How to participate in KinoTour 2020

Get the App

Create your account on the website and download Kinomap app on the Play Store or the App Store.

Subscribe to Kinomap

Your 7-day trial period starts with your first training session. Once it is over, go on the website, connect to your account on the page "My subscriptions", select the Kinomap App and choose one of the offers.

Participate in KinoTour

Connect your equipment

Connect your home trainer or exercise bike to the App. If your equipment is interactive, the app will automatically adjust the resistance.

In the "Browse" tab of the app, click on "Outdoor", then on "Playlist". Choose the "KinoTour 2020" playlist and start cycling on the videos.

If your home trainer is not interactive, you can connect a cadence or speed sensor to the app, or connect the front camera of your smartphone or tablet.


1st prize

Elite TUO Home Trainer

2nd prize

Elite Folding Mat & Zugaman

3rd prize

Elite Protect Plus & Zugaman

4th prize

A one-year Kinomap subscription

5th prize

A 6 months Kinomap subscription

6th prize

A 3 months Kinomap subscription

From 7th to 8th 

Cycling socks Avintur Cycling

Avintur socks were born in June 2018 on the slopes of Mont Ventoux during a challenge called Cinglés du Ventoux. More than just cycling socks, Avintur wants to make every bike ride an adventure that allows us to feel free and live intensely.

From 9th to 10th 

A bike phone mount

Kinomap edition

Rules & Conditions

A draw will be held among all the participants who have completed at least 5 videos at the end of the KinoTour.

Thank you for your participation in the KinoTour!

We are delighted and proud to announce you the winners of this challenge, here are the results:

  • Elite TUO Home Trainer: "enrico62"
  • Elite Folding Mat & Zugaman: "Vincent1951"
  • Elite Protect Plus & Zugaman: "Fcoppi52"
  • 1-year Kinomap subscription: "el_Dude"
  • 6 months Kinomap subscription: "mattelmona"
  • 3 months Kinomap subscription: "ariekamps"
  • Cycling socks Avintur Cycling: "edouarddoleans" & "Tom11"
  • Bike phone mount: "Bixente6" & "Boubax"


Ready to join the challenge?

Now that you have all the information, join the KinoTour and ride the most beautiful mountain roads of France from home!

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